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Programs & Services

RMOLTC provides assessment and case management services for the following programs:


Home and Community Based Services for Elderly, Blind and Disabled (HCBS-EBD)

Consists of supportive services for the elder, blind and physically disabled. The goal is for the individual to remain in the community. The eligibility requirement is the individual must meet Nursing Home Level of Care.

Services includeAdult Day Services, Alternative Care Facility, Electronic Monitoring, Home Modification, Non-medical transportation, Homemaker services, Personal Care Services, Respite, In Home Support Services. Community Transition Services, Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services.

HCBS Community Mental Health Supports (HCBS-CMHS)

This waiver is for individuals who are determined mentally ill by state mental health services and documented by the case management agency. The goal is for the individual to remain in the community. The eligibility requirement is the individual must meet Nursing Home level of Care. 

Services include: Adult Day Services, Alternative Care Facility, Electronic Monitoring, Home Modification, Non-medical transportation, Homemaker Services, Personal Care Services, Respite, and Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services

HCBS for persons with Brain Injury (HCBS-BI)

The Brain Injury waiver has two levels of care: Acute and Supportive Living. The goal of the acute level of the program is to provide services in the community to prevent further hospitalizations. An individual requesting the acute level of the waiver must be assessed while they are in the hospital and the onset of the injury should be within 6 months of the assessment. The goal of Supportive Living Program is to prevent Nursing Home placement.

Services include: Adult Day Services, Assistive Equipment, Behavioral programming, Case management, Counseling: Individual, group, family and substance abuse, Day Treatment, Environmental Modification, Independent Living Skills Training, Non-medical transportation, Personal Care, Respite Care, Supportive Living- SLP only.

Colorado Choice Program (CCT)

Colorado Choice Transitions is a Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) demonstration program that originated from Money Follows the Person a Federal Grant opportunity for states.  CCT is to assist individuals 18 years and older  who has resided in a Nursing Facility 90 consecutive days post Rehabilitation days to transition from a Nursing Home to the community.  CCT offers a Transition Coordinator to assist with the goals and tasks needed to transition from the NH to Community. CCT offers enhanced services in addition to HCBS Waiver services for 365 days after discharge from a Nursing Home.

Enhanced Services include: Assistive Technology, Assistive Technology, Behavioral Health Support, Caregiver Support Services, Community Transition Services, Dental Services, Enhanced Nursing Services, Home Delivered Meals, Vision Services, Substance Abuse (Transitional), Specialized Day Rehabilitation, Mentoring Services, Intensive Case Management, Independent Living Skills Training, Extended Home Modifications

Children with a Life Limiting Illness (AKA Hopeful Waiver) (CLLI)

For children from birth to 19 years of age that have a life limiting illness that, in medical professionals opinion, has a prognosis of death that is highly probable before the child reaches adulthood.  The child can either already be receiving Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) benefits through the a state plan benefit or if the child is not already receiving Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) benefits they will need to apply for Long Term Care Services through the Department of Human Services.

Services includeCounseling-Group and Individual, Expressive Therapy-Creative Art, Music and Play therapy, Respite Care, Palliative Supportive Care

Home Care Allowance (HCA)

The Home Care Allowance is a special allowance for the purpose of pay for services in individuals own home.  (This is not a waiver program)   Based on an assessment and score completed by the RMOLTC/SEP case manager the individual is given an authorized amount of money each month to pay for Home Care services to include:  personal care, homemaking, electronic monitoring, and a one time deep cleaning if referral is initiated by Adult Protective Services.  The HCA assessment is sent to DHS Technician to determine the warrant amount and financial approval for HCA.

Adult Foster Care (AFC)

This is a supplemental income to assist in paying for residence in an Adult Foster Care home.  The recipient must be receiving SSI income.  In addition to the assistance provided for AFC.  An assessment is completed by the SEP case manager.  They resident must also pass the Appropriate of placement criteria for AFC homes.  The AFC assessment is sent to the DHS technician to complete and determine financial eligibility for the AFC program.

Nursing Facility Placement (NF)

RMOLTC/SEP completes all Long Term Care Assessment for Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) Nursing Facility placements in El Paso and Teller County.

Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

RMOLTC/SEP completes Long Term Care Assessments to determine functional eligibility for individuals requesting service through PACE.

Long Term Home Health (LTHH)

Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) Long Term Home Health recipients who are not open to a Developmental disability waiver through the local Community Center Board (The Resource Exchange) are to be assessed by RMOLTC/SEP.  The Home Health Agency providing the services generates the referral to RMOLTC.

Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS)

CDASS is a service Options currently offered under the HCBS-CMHS and HCBS-EBD waivers designed to help people with Disabilities and older persons direct their own attendant services:  This is a volunteer program.  The consumer and or an authorized representative must be able to direct care.  A monthly allotment is determined by the Options for Long Term Care Case Managers based on client needs.

Attendant care to include

PCP, Homemaker, and skilled home care services to include CNA and RN (also known as health maintenance.

In Home Support Services (IHSS) 

IHSS is designed for the consumer or an authorized representative to direct the client’s care. The client and or authorized representative is involved in the selection and training of their attendants. IHSS is a service Options offered through the local Colorado Springs Independence Center home care dept.  The attendants for the client are employees of CSILC, the IHSS provider assists with training and back ground checks for the attendants and provides back up attendants if the hired attendant is unavailable for a shift. 

Attendant Care to include

PCP, Homemaker, and CNA (also known as Health Maintenance) level of care.